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        Welcome to The Official Website for The 'One World Help' Charity Benefit Concert!

My name is Thomas Adams, I am the founder of 'One World Help'. I've been focusing on this and created the plan for this Charity Concert since May of  2011. I was inspired to create The One World Help Charity Benefit Concert when I saw our Animal and Human rights and safeties being horribly violated globally. Also, I was tortured at the hands of others and do understand the horrors of true suffering intimately. Mainly, it is for these reasons that I pursue this opportunity to help others. I pray that others will join in this effort now, before it is too late for one more suffering being. I'd like you to know a bit about who I am.

 I am a Guitarist and Vocalist and the founding member of the Rock/Alternative Band MIRAGE (created in 1983). I have attended several Music Schools in my career including Musician's Institute of Technology in Hollywood, CA USA. Dick Grove School of Music, Van Nuys, CA USA etc... MIRAGE will play for free, and as of 5/17/12, almost 1 year later, I can still not get a Venue in Los Angeles, CA USA, to accommodate the many other Bands and Artists who have been contacted and have responded with support. Frankly, I find it to be amazing that in all this time with all of the Twitter promotion no one has come forward to help with a Venue. So please, join us and 'Match the Gift'! Volunteer to help in any way. Again, I am an Artist, and thus, unfamiliar with protocol and procedure for the various ways of obtaining use of a concert hall.  I am opening up 2 or more new slots for new charities to join if they are willing to help make this event happen. One World Help is very closely modeled after "Live Aid".

Again, planning falls on my shoulders and I have an album to record now. But this may be a huge blessing. I know this concert is worth a mint to the charities when you think about just the rights to broadcast and stream, merchandise, licensing, increased record sales for the bands involved, etc. We are talking about a potential multi-million dollar payoff after all is paid off. Needless to say, I get overwhelmed from time to time about this. I thought about giving up the idea then thought, "Tom, you've come this far, don't give up this dream because it is a beautiful one, and even if it only remains one, you dared to dream for others".

When all things become overwhelming, I look to 'friends', and my extended family of musical peers to aid in gaining perspective. I have had some difficulty in getting other more well known rock musicians than me to even answer a tweet or a DM ,a twitter thing, about playing at this show. I chose two very big headliners with who I have tweeted back and forth with in the past. It is time for dialogue between the bands and me if that can be facilitated by someone, I will be very grateful! I'd need to speak with the creator of a festival like 'Lollapalooza' to see what his thoughts are about this event and if his much respected band is willing to become involved.

Since charity is the main focus for this project and I need volunteers to manage all aspects of this show. Also please, Concert Promoters, follow @Thomas_Adams1 & @MIRAGE_T3 on Twitter so you can get in touch with me easily. This event will not happen without you! We need a good sized concert hall in Los Angeles, CA. This event can be epic with a little help from our friends. My knowledge of this is based on the amount of my Twitter followers from many different Countries who have expressed great interest and want to attend no matter who plays. Many Bands and Acts have already sent me their contact info, demos and more. Thank you, I need as many as we can get to help in one way or another. As I previously stated, at this point, I'm in the process of attempting to communicate with the charities to assist in making this idea come to fruition. As an Artist, that's not my job.

All of you should know that I will not accept any money for my close to 1 Year of work on this project for Peace. I have been working at the expense of my health, but know this is the right thing to do. This is a call to Professional Musicians everywhere to unite and create something beautiful and be generous of spirit and $! Whether you realize this or not right now, our world needs a community driven charitable fundraising concert to help us realize how great it feels to give and to help others in need!

As I previously stated, I've been tirelessly working on this Charity event by networking through Twitter and other ways and have directly contacted many Rock, Pop, and Hip-Hop Artists, asking them to please play at The One World Help Benefit Concert.  Since it is for Charity, I expect a great list of performers, but am not getting the response I expected. I hope that all is well now and that folks will start to support this. How great will it be when we find out how much money will be raised by people who raised it by doing what they love to do? People let's all chip in and make this a reality! Contact Me directly through Twitter to help in any way. DM @Thomas_Adams1 or @MIRAGE_T3. If you want 100% privacy, use the form at the bottom of the page.

My other motivation for doing this for the world is that I am being affected by a disease, (Non Transmittable), called Sarcoidosis. It killed Comedian, Bernie Mac. While I did not expect my health to deteriorate, it  actually has begun to, so I want to make a difference and leave a legacy. Silent suffering in this world is rampant and we need to do something about it now. One Man can change public consciousness, but it takes an Army of Peacemakers to really make a big difference! Volunteers are welcome to help me promote and present this.

If you don't have a Twitter account, Please Get One! It is the easiest way to get the Bands/Performers you love to listen to you. Tweet to them directly and ask them to donate a performance to suffering beings! Please mention www.oneworldhelp.com and Me, @Thomas_Adams1 or MIRAGE_T3 .  

Please don't ignore this immediate crisis. Children in parts of America and many other Countries have no food or clean water. Animals wander the streets alone, foraging for food and need adoption. Please fill out the contact form at the bottom of this site to donate a performance to these fabulous charities. Contact me soon, by listing your email or contact/Skype information on this website. Confidentiality is of paramount importance to me. Your information goes directly to my smart mailbox. Which is classified My Eyes Only! I will try and coordinate schedules, call artists, etc.. Let's each put in some calls, each make an effort and this show will happen! Think of me as the next Emissary of Music & Peace.  Love & Light, Thomas Adams

Musicians and celebrities who want to help support this Benefit Concert please leave your name, email or Skype address. Promoters and Booking agents for the talent, please do whatever you can.  I am very excited and very optimistic!

                   Artists- All information is protected and is eyes only for Mr. Adams


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Mr. Adams' and family support all charities represented.

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The One World Help Benefit Concert Website for UNICEF, The Humane Society, & Tiger Time Now! is regularly updated and isn't under expert construction. Please Check Back With Us Tomorrow. Love & Light- Thomas Adams, Founder~